March 30, 2012

small staus update

Since I haven't really posted stuff about myself anywhere in a really long time, I guess I'll give a quick update on what's been going on in my life the past 4 months or so. My life is like, super boring! So it's hard to find anything to talk about most of the time. o_o;

But anyway... Since NYCC in the fall things were SUPER hectic for me, trying to scramble to finish Soulless book 1 was tough stuff! And then there was the holidays to contend with, which I didn't really get to deal with much until January, to be honest. Two very close friends got married in this time (Clint and I got engaged ourselves), and then we finally had the chance to move, which was a bigger deal than it should of been, mainly because we hadn't moved in like, 6 years.

Clint and I had been living in this tiny crap apartment for way too long, cuz when we got to the new place it felt like a friggin' PALACE. It's not even all that's just like, way, way more awesome than the last place. And it is way bigger than the last place, which was essentially just one room with all our shit in it. lol So like, having a 1200sq ft, two story place (WITH 2 BATHROOMS!!) feels like a huggggeee upgrade. The biggest perk, in my opinion, is that since it is a two bedroom townhouse, and we don't need an extra bedroom for anything, I get to have something I've wanted my whole life: a studio~! (ノシシ*^▽^*)ノシシ

It's still kind of a mess right now, and I don't have anything up on the walls yet, but I love it. X3 Its nice to get so much natural light in, and to have all my books around, and when I have to pull all-nighters to get pages done (which is a little too frequent) it's awesome to have this...little sanctuary and stuff. I didn't take a picture because it was a mess, but I even have a couch in the corner for camping out on. I guess I don't really mind being chained to a desk when it's in such a comforting space.
I'm going to end up being a hermit forever....;___;)


duep said...

Wow Rem your new place looks completely awesome! Congrats on your engagement too~!!!
This is random but, who is that dolly in the first image? She is adorable! D : !!!

Also, picked up Soulless today! It turned out so lovely. ^ ^

+cake hospital+ said...

Finally you two are engaged! Congrats percy >w<!!! Also your black square shelf looks awesome. Makes me want one. Don't forget to post clean photos of your studio so you can compare it later after you do all nighters.

- pukuu

Barbara Benas said...

Whooa you got engaged? Congrats!!

rem said...

ack! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much, you guys~
Yes, I'm engaged, who knows went we'll actually have the wedding, though, with my schedule as it is!! /hides in a hole

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