May 31, 2012

Anime North mini report

So I got back home from AN Tuesday, I had to spend another day in Toronto recovering with good friends before coming home. IT WAS VITAL.
I was able to come to AN thanks to a collaboration between Lianne Sentar (who is crazy awesome), Yen Press, and the Beguiling book store. The con itself seemed to for the most part wipe its hands clean of all duties that involved taking care of their guests. lol
They did give us an EXTRA SUPER LARGE "featured guest area" of the artists alley, which was so large and so far from the rest of the ally that I think that we were invisible to 99% of con goers. A valliant effort on AN's part though. (not really)
I didn't really have a setup for the alley either, and seeing all the AMAZING TALENTED ARTISTS in the artists alley did not encourage me to stick around my sad little table much.

Despite some little setbacks, the con was really fun, I did a couple of panels, one for Lianne's book Tokyo Demons, which had a good showing, and one for just me and Svetlana Chmakova (!!!), who also showed up. Svet and I also had some signings on Sat and Sun at the Beguiling's booth, selling lots of copies of our books. It was fun to meet Soulless fans! Everyone was SO FRIGGIN NICE!!! ;_____;

Thank you to everyone who traded prints with me, or just stopped by and said hi! Someone gave me the CUTEST EVER Jade keychain which I cherish~ (wish I had caught your name, you sweetheart, you!) I was so happy to meet the super sweet and super talented Akashiro, Holly, Areu, David, Hime and some others wonderful people who's names were written down on a sheet of paper that I loooosttt~~ u_u;;; You guys made the con for me! Thank you everyone~
I just hope I can see you guys again someday!!!

Now I plan to work like crazy to make up for canada time so if you don't catch me on the internet, that's why! /run


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