November 7, 2012

time warp

Being me, for the whole middle of this year, was like being stuck in some sort of weird time freeze. Now that the second book of Soulless is behind me and work on the third has already begun, I look back to where things started to get really stressful in June and it feels like, after all that work and stress and unhappiness, it was all just....a dream or something.

I guess I don't really see any point in going into details. All I can say is that I'm very happy to have had a little time off to appreciate things this past month, and that I'm VERY glad for a new beginning. Though I did want to point out something very special in my life that has been making huge changes since June: my new kitten, Moxie!
The story about Moxie is that I was at my buddy's house lamenting the fact that our cat, Kukuri, hates me and loves Clint and how now that we have a bigger place, I really wanted another cat. A gray cat, because I've always wanted a gray cat. Later that same night I come back home and hear a kitten crying at my front door. Literally on my doorstep is a tiny grey poof, begging to come in.

So, here is a little taste of what I have been living through the past 5 months in the form of my magical little beastie, who I'm so glad decided to beam down from space to be my cat: (btw, sorry these pics blow, most of them are from my phone :P)

(PS: We're pretty convinced that Moxie is from Neptune.)


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